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Deborah was my first Pilates instructor and I'm so thankful to have landed in her classes. Her patience, attention to form, and creative way of engaging students insured that my future Pilates studies would be grounded in healthy effective habits. As a result of Deborah's classes and mentoring, I went on to seek my own Pilates teaching certification. I can't imagine my life without Pilates!

Emily Blaire, 
Certified Pilates Instructor

I began taking Pilates Mat Classes with Deborah in my early sixties. Though I had gone to gyms regularly for decades, I was unprepared for either the challenges or the rewards Pilates had to offer. Fortunately for me, Deborah is a patient, skillful teacher able to deploy an endless variety of tools and modifications to help her students achieve their goals. I have been to other Mat Classes where instructors were able to point out that my form or my classmates form was disappointingly incorrect, but Deborah has the master teachers gift of showing her students how to achieve results beyond their own expectations. Deborah’s classes are rigorous, fun and productive for everyone--young and old, beginning students and accomplished, long-term practitioners--and I am grateful to have experienced the transforming power of Pilates through her inspired and inspiring teaching."

John B. Jacoby

I worked with Deborah at least twice a week whilst in the US on a six-month study visa. In this time not only did I find her to be a highly professional and knowledgeable Pilates instructor, but I had the privilege of being able to call her my friend. Using her experience in both Pilates and dance, I witnessed her ability to instruct at all levels, developing a range of techniques to suit every body type, mood and personality. She is an excellent teacher, highly intuitive of her student’s physical and psychological needs, and always manages to make a work out first and foremost fun. Thank you so much Deborah for all the laughs and all your care - you gave me a healthy body and so much more!

Karen-Anne Coleman 

Deborah Feldman has become one of the most skilled Pilates trainers I have come in contact with and has built up a steady list of clients over the years. She is naturally a warm and caring person that is reflected in her approach with her clients. She is both able to have meaningful one-on-one relationships with her private clients and to manage hectic sessions when handling multiple clients in a semi private environment. Deborah’s positive energy is always a pleasure to have in the Pilates and dance community. Her knowledge of the Pilates Method and anatomy is impressive and she is as skilled with advanced clients as she is with beginners. Because of her knowledge base and ability to communicate effectively, I believe that Deborah would be an asset to any studio she joins.

Jennifer Pollock, Certified Pilates Instructor

In the six years I've known her, I've been privileged to witness the dedication Deborah applies to her career choices.  I initially met Deborah as a colleague in the Tucson dance community, and was immediately impressed, not only by her ballet technique, but also by her intuitive understanding of alignment and balance that she used as an instructor in her ballet classes.  I invited her to perform with my professional modern dance company NEW ARTiculations.  During her two-year stint with us, she proved herself a highly proficient, hard-working and responsible member of the company.  She was always dedicated to developing her modern technique further (she was already an amazing ballerina) and embraced the opportunity to expand her movement knowledge as a dancer.  Above all, her performance quality (particularly with humorous pieces) is superb. 


I also have had the pleasure of practicing the Pilates Method under her instruction for several years. Her intimate knowledge of body mechanics, her positive framing of corrections and her energy and enthusiasm make her an ideal teacher. With her, I find that a workout is a pleasure and the information she imparts has helped me grown in my own teaching and in aligning my own body.

Tammy Rosen, Director of NEW ARTiculations, Certified Feldenkrais

I’m writing in reference to a former employee I supervised and worked with at the Wellbridge Athletic Club located at the Charles Square, Deborah Feldman.  I currently work in the position of Athletic Director at our health club.  Deborah was an excellent colleague to work with.  Deborah possesses excellent communicative skills, as she displayed, not only with the entire staff, but with the members as well.  To she was very well liked and respected by our staff and members as she showed good customer relations skills.  Deborah is a team player, helping coworkers and the management team with various duties and responsibilities. She would very often take her own initiative in problem solving, rather than being dependant on a supervisor.  She understood the business very well and created an overall better experience for the customer and the staff.


 Above all, Deborah would be a key asset to have as part of any business, as she is a very determined and responsible individual, who can always be depended on.

Eric Abella

I have been doing Pilates for more than 15 years and yet in working with Deborah for 5, I found her not only delightful to work with, but she has an ability to really notice, understand and provide very insightful instruction about aligning and adjusting movement patterns. She is also inspiring-this is really important for me, when in Pilates or other movement work I have done with her. It comes down to-she is just a lot of fun, hilarious at times and it shows up in her choreography, improv dance classes and other expressive arts programs I have seen her attending.



However, I do need to say that Deborah is by no means frivolous. My she can certainly be demanding while at the same time encouraging-which has provided me with a sense of deep value-since she seems to create this sense of variety, consistency that I attribute to her personal passion for her work and skill depth from her training.

My compliments for her and to those she wishes to dedicate herself.

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